What does an IPO dog and handler team do when retired from IPO/ScH competition???



At SSC we have two retired IPO 3 teams. Gail Kendall and Fax von Ricar SchH3, IPO3 and Donna McGinnis and Temple of the Tree’s Beau Geste, SchH3, IPO3, AWD3, CGC, CHIC.

Congratulations to Donna  and Beau! Beau earned his RAT Open title and earned a first place RAT Senior leg (cleared 4 rats in 2 minutes 3 seconds! – you’re given 3.5 minutes to qualify). Donna McGinnis “Really didn’t think we were ready for that!”

Congratulations also to Gail Kendall and Fax von Ricar for completing their RAT Open title with a first place on one leg and a second place on their last leg – super work from this team!


Thank you to Performance Fusion Dog Training for providing yet another well run and super enjoyable event. 


Congratulations Beau and Donna , Fax and Gail



 Performance Fusion Dog Training 




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