Good Luck Shoutout to Scottsdale Schutzhund Club and Anacapa Working Dog Association

Scottsdale Schutzhund Club members Erik Freitag, Kerrie Nolan-Proctor, Rodd Proctor (Helper) will be working at Anacapa Working Dog Association (AWDA) on 01/04/2014. Good luck to all participants.

Erik and Cimbo from SSC are working towards their IPO2 and Kerrie and Violet from SSC are working for their IPO3. If attained it will be the 1st for both handlers and dogs. Judge  Robert Johantgen will be officiating this Club Trial!


Good luck to all!


Erik Freitag & Cimbo vom Haus RosenbergerKerry Nolan-Proctor & Violet Vixen National Level Helper Rodd Proctor