2013 Southwest Regional Conformation Show, Breed Survey & AD Sponsors & Vendors


The Scottsdale Schutzhund Club is Honored to Present the Event Sponsors:


Hunter K9 and Hunter Working K9…..

A working K9 facility strictly for training and raising protection dogs, sport dogs, detection, and service dogs. Our 7 acre facility contains every tool necessary to create the “superior” working dog.


A place in Scottsdale where people can bring their dogs in for full service dog grooming, self and drop off wash, treats, training,all natural food, dog walking or just to spend some quality time together… Call us now! (480) 391-3647


Our caring and compassionate staff is there to assist with all of your pet’s medical needs.  We strive to maintain the highest standards in veterinary care, assuring that your pet receives both quality and cost-effective treatment.


SCP Chiropractic1

Our mission is to restore both the function and structure of
our patient’s spines.  We use recent scientifically proven methods
and measure our success objectively and honestly.  We provide spine specific treatment, customized to the individual needs of each patient.

Located in the Town and Country Mall in Central Phoenix.
4859 N. 20th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
P (602) 631-4500
F (602) 631-4427



Division 7 Systems

Division Seven Systems is an independent manufacturer’s representative firm serving the state of Arizona specializing in roofing, waterproofing, insulation and structural repair products.

We are a company of LEED Accredited Professionals, committed to promoting our products for specification, and helping organizations meet their sustainability goals by extending the life cycles of their buildings through innovative products that offer long term performance and energy savings.

If you are in search of a water truck with certified drivers for dust control in Maricopa County a street sweeper for your construction clean up or a sweeper for your parking lot or gated community you have come to the right place.




Town Talk II BBQ



Town Talk II Creole Style Barbeque features meat that is slow    cooked over mesquite wood and basted with our special homemade sauce.  Our family recipes have been handed down for generations and offer a zesty, lively and lavish flavor.

 Creole Style Barbeque is unique and separates itself from other styles of barbeque. Years ago, when the country was young and full of spirit, families in small Louisiana communities would gather for celebrations. At these times, one could always count on a challenge to emerge in a friendly competitive manner. The competitions involved who would cook the best meats, and make the best barbeque sauce. Side dishes were also desired with the best red beans and rice, the best dirty rice, and the best of EVERYTHING.

When creator Burleigh “Papu” Rideau Sr. moved to Phoenix in 1923, from the small community of Rideau, Louisiana, he brought with him the spirit of being the best.  In 1949, he opened the original Town Talk Barbeque, on the corner of 12th Street and Washington.  He cooked in a red brick pit, and made sauce from the family recipe.  The unique blend of the meats, slow cooked over mesquite wood, with the mixture of his special sauce, provided one of the most flavorful meals to be enjoyed anywhere.  That same great taste, with the perfect blend of meats and sauce, has been reborn and can be found at Town Talk II.

3509 N 19th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85015

(602) 234-4745



Event Photographer:

Jowhar Karim @ www.jkarimphotography.com/



Trophy Sponsorship:

Lane Awards

Aqua Trucks Inc.


Antlerz 4 DogzTM is one of only a few companies that sells Naturally Shed Elk Antler Dog ChewzTM. We carry only the best quality Grade A antlerz on the market, that are competitively priced * to be the best value in the dog treat industry. Our all-natural, mineral rich Antler Chewz could last for weeks, even months, and most dogs LOVE them. What other nutritional dog treats have you purchased for your dog(s) that will last this long?